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From the homepage    2poxxz5
This is the first part of a series of quick beginner walkthroughs in the lovely world of template editing. Get a comfy pillow and prepare to learn.

Before we begin, I'll try to make this walkthrough as simple as possible and use some easy to understand examples.
BUT ... all this information will be useless if you do not know anything about HTML or CSS.
HTML and CSS is easy to learn and understand... and as webmasters...

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We're Moving.

Well... If you don't know, were moving. Yup. Right off of Forumotion. Don't worry though, we are keeping all the tutorials, and our shared desire to do the unthinkable to forumotion boards. After all, "Forumotion tweaks" is our middle name Big Grin
The expected date of move date is Friday Night, (Pacific Standard Time) at about 8 PM. This date may be postponed another week...

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From the homepage    178783605Physical keyboard and touch screen. An original Nokia house, which sits one step below smartphones. Dedicated to the nostalgic touch screen with envy.
Better to press buttons or tap the true icons of the touch? The answer is probably subjective, but the mobile phone market do not seem to love too much middle ground observers say. The first sales figures for the new BlackBerry Torch, touch-screen device with the QWERTY keyboard hidden in the...

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From the homepage    Apple_incThe new trial section is being positioned as a way to play with apps before buying them, though it still falls short of the more complex trials built into, say, Windows Phone 7.
Where Microsoft allows developers to create a single version of an app, with both a trialware portion and the remainder being unlocked when the software is bought, Apple still requires its developers to create separate paid and free versions...

by Guest - Comments: 2 - Views: 881
From the homepage    FacebookFacebook has become about as synonymous with social networking as, well, Google is to search. Like almost every other site, you can search in Facebook, but you wouldn't call it a search site. Conversely, the main Google site isn't a social network though its YouTube property is.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has put the company on "lockdown" for 60 days in preparation for a coming war with Google.


by Guest - Comments: 6 - Views: 1135
From the homepage    Power%20Animal"Lose the CLI" was Slashdot blogger hairyfeet's top suggestion for improving Linux. "It is 2010, not 1978 -- entire generations have grown up NEVER touching CLI, and you know what? They will NOT change for you! Accept it!" If nothing else, there should be a "Help Me!" button "where a Linux Guru can walk a new user through a problem," he added.

eauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes,...

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From the homepage    11FanSnap®, the largest live event ticket search engine for fans, today announced the launch of the FanSnap Application for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad®.
FanSnap’s iPhone application is free in the iTunes app store the FanSnap app, fans who want to catch a nearby game, concert, or show – even the same day – can find and buy tickets from their iPhone.

With the FanSnap tickets app, fans can:

* See a list of the...

by Guest - Comments: 1 - Views: 1183
From the homepage    100127_iPadComing Soon two new iPad .. will be a surprise from Apple
Apple iPad launch a more compact and an enhanced version of the current one. The report Mingchi Kuo, Digitimes Research analyst, adding that the tablet will have a smaller 7-inch touch screen but with the same resolution as the larger model (1024 x 768 pixels), while updating the one from 9, 7 inches will have a more powerful processor, the ARM Cortex-A9, and 512 megabytes of RAM.

by GhostDark - Comments: 5 - Views: 621
From the homepage    Senza_11The Apple update: Here comes the Flash
The lack of Flash Player, even if Steve Jobs called it a media player already done for, still feels about our Apple devices. For this shortfall there Frash, the new program Comex to run Flash content on the Apple device.

The only name Comex however, is synonymous with jailbreak as it has issued the first software release of the iPhone 4. And with this, it is easy to see that Frash only...

by GhostDark - Comments: 4 - Views: 695
From the homepage    Mac_3d2_lexmexIt'coming a keynote by Apple in mid-August? Some sources assert that there will be only for the iPod and IOS iPad.
According to the classical well-informed sources, the French site Mac Magazine has reported that Apple would be planning a media event (the classic keynote by Jobs) by mid-August, to discuss news related to iPod and IOS iPad.
In practice, this is to anticipate the September classic event where Apple announced the...

by GhostDark - Comments: 6 - Views: 515
From the homepage    Chrome10Denied an article in the New York Times, who had spoken of a pact to streamline services on Google's network. No agreement to this effect: If anything, the terms are exactly the opposite direction.
Was published online two days ago. An article in The New York Times reported some details on an agreement certainly not conducive to future development of land in the U.S. net neutrality. Google would be committed to pay the provider Verizon to...

by GhostDark - Comments: 0 - Views: 481
From the homepage    Chrome10Google never stops and tries in every way possible to cover all branches that have to do with the Internet and its thousands of utility.
According to the latest rumors Google would be to reach agreement with Slide, or rather the 'acquisition of this company that takes care of' entertainment and online application development "social".
The company, founded by Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal) deals with development, mainly of virtual...

by GhostDark - Comments: 1 - Views: 507
From the homepage    Firefo10With security, stability, speed and much more, Firefox is made for the way you use the Web. Free and easy to install!
The first news regarding the future of the world's second most used browser after Internet Explorer from Microsoft, have already reached the users' computers.

Mozilla's goal this year will be its integration with Windows 7, focusing on increased weight and the possibility that the plug-in is integrated into the browser...

by GhostDark - Comments: 1 - Views: 461
From the homepage    ChromeGoogle allowing you to grab an image right off the Image Search Tool without going clicking on the image.
Microsoft and Yahoo do the same thing, but it's with good reason: to offer you the full version of the image without actually visiting the page removes the context of why it's there, and makes the search engines more of a content leech than a beneficial traffic director.

The good news, is that if you feel like taking some shortcuts,...

by MrMario - Comments: 5 - Views: 1051
From the homepage    Firefo10FireFox is looking for some coders that use the web a lot to help them built version 4 of FireFox.

The proposed IndexedDB addition to the HTML standard is one of a collection of technologies opening new horizons for Web programmers and putting competitive pressure on Adobe Systems' Flash Player plug-in. The main reason I'm interested in it in particular: the restoration and, I'd hope, improvement of Google Docs offline access and editing features....

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From the homepage    ArkStorage and online collaboration service Box.net on Friday is introducing a new version of its site that lets users with HTML5-enabled Web browsers drag and drop files into their browser to upload them to the company's servers.
The company has long had a Java-powered drag-and-drop tool for uploads, but it's been slow to load, required users to have a recent version of Java installed, and put the drop zone in a pop-up...

by MrMario - Comments: 1 - Views: 706
From the homepage    FAQThere are still a lot of questions about this new Google TV. Here are some of the common questions being asked.

Will Hulu block Google TV?

  • We're still waiting to hear what Hulu has to say about the announcement--especially since Google featured the service in its demo--but we're betting Hulu will block Google TV like it's done to other living room solutions like the PS3 and Boxee....

by MrMario - Comments: 1 - Views: 820
From the homepage    Video-televisionGoogle TV is a new way to search for your shows and videos by typing in a search box and making your life easier to watch what ever you want.
If there’s one entertainment device that people know and love, it’s the television. In fact, 4 billion people across the world watch TV and the average American spends five hours per day in front of one*. Recently, however, an increasing amount of our entertainment experience...

by MrMario - Comments: 3 - Views: 743
From the homepage    95yo3b
Nokia set out with a giant project March 2010. Now its coming to a close. What to know the fruits of designing via the community?

Design by Community.
A project launched by Nokia early March 2010, all held on the converstations.nokia.com website.

The project is simple ... Nokia asked its community what the next new concept Nokia must we like.
Every week there was a new concept element being discussed and drawn...

by Jalokim - Comments: 0 - Views: 800
From the homepage    CSS-EditA recent editors draft of the CSS3 Background and Borders module (published on 5th may) indicates that the box-shadow property could be set to make a reappearance before the specification is released as a Proposed Recommendation.
The specification also features several other updates including the addition of a ‘content-box’ value to the background-clip property, changes to the background shorthand syntax for background-clip and...

by MrMario - Comments: 1 - Views: 905
From the homepage    Wk0dc8The Month of May has turned leaf ... or rather cherry petal. Witness Ego-Ones first of a new monthly trend that'll wow users with egostastic freshness.

I took a few days to read some of the feedback , read over and over the testimonials and I went back to some posts about ego-one and the entire establishment we;ve got going here.

Suddenly I noticed a common denominator.
Sure the news...

by Jalokim - Comments: 17 - Views: 1059
From the homepage    HP%20Ipaq%20211Reports from the world about smartphones are pouring in vociferously as they continue to grow at a stupendous rate.
2010 has seen 55 million handsets being shipped which is a whopping 65% increase on an on-year basis. Nokia which enjoys the strongest presence in most European countries was the leader of the pack and chipped in with 38% of the total units shipped....

by MrMario - Comments: 1 - Views: 563
From the homepage    Shake-handMicrosoft and Nokia are now partnering up to strive for their shares in the highly competitive mobile market and are planing on application known as the Communicator Mobile software, it enables users to find and contact their colleagues available online.
With the help of this new application, people will now be able to see their colleagues’ availability, and click to communicate with them using...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 802
From the homepage    2yy13c5Using Google as of 05/05/10, you may have noticed that something feels slightly different — the look and feel of Google's search results have changed! Today’s metamorphosis responds to the increasing richness of the web and the increasing power of search — revealing
search tools on the left and updating the visual look and feel throughout. While they are constantly rolling out small changes and updates, today’s changes showcase the latest evolutions in...

by Kryptonian - Comments: 3 - Views: 908
From the homepage    GI_OneRiot.alt..gifReal time search engine OneRiot, celebrated its one year anniversary on Friday by shedding its beta status. The change is notable considering OneRiot was a complete overhaul of the social site Me.dium, making this the full fledged version of the product.
With the change comes a new look for the site, along with a new back-end technology the company is calling the "trending topics engine." This new engine takes the...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 947
From the homepage    Chrome10With a new version of Chrome, Google has taken a second crack at shielding users from a technical detail that browsers traditionally show: the "http://" in the browser's Web address bar.
Here's where Google got into trouble, though. In its first try at removing the http:// text, it went too far. Specifically, when you copied the Web address from Chrome then pasted it in some destinations...

by MrMario - Comments: 2 - Views: 699
From the homepage    Ipad_1Apple has reached another milestone by selling one million iPad by Friday. Apple sold their one millionth iPad on 28th day from its introduction on 3rd of April.
The first iPhone had taken 74 days to reach the milestone of 1 million. iPad has been called a revolutionary product from Apple and iPad has proven all its critics wrong. More than 12 million apps have already been downloaded from Apple app store.

Apple CEO,...

by MrMario - Comments: 3 - Views: 542
From the homepage    GmailGoogle got their gmail.com address back in the UK.
Google was forced to change Gmail to Googlemail in October 2005 due to dispute regarding Gmail trademark. Since October 19, 2005 all Gmail users have @googlemail.com addresses.

After four and half years Gmail users in UK will get to use @gmail.com in their email address soon.

The Gmail blog said:

“If you already have a Google...

by MrMario - Comments: 2 - Views: 471
From the homepage    Chrome10Google's latest update to the beta version of the Chrome browser brings it to parity with the more experimental developer's version. Google Chrome beta version 5.0.375.29 for Windows, Mac, and Linux contains multiple feature enhancements as well as the semi-regular security and bug-fixes that are common updates for its less-stable cousin.

by MrMario - Comments: 1 - Views: 546
From the homepage    AppleThis is like a must see for you crazy Apple fans or history fans. This video shows how Apple is today.
There was some important products that are missing but it has captured the whole essence of the Apple’s product line.

Once you go through the presentation, you will immediately notice that every product just fit in Apple’s culture and that there was nothing that they did which could have risked their...

by MrMario - Comments: 4 - Views: 682
From the homepage    BlackberryBlackBerry has been struggling to regain its empire. But now there are some new news of Blackberry has been working to change its brand and appeal to more user base.
Recently, Blackberry launched new advertisement to show what users can expect from Black berry OS 6. We only hope that this will help them fix against all the other smartphones.

by MrMario - Comments: 2 - Views: 670
From the homepage    PhotoshopAdobe is now shipping their CS5 product to customers.
Adobe also gives you a 30 day trial before you buy it. It will have everything in it as like a full version.

Adobe sells these programs alone or packages them up into suites tailored for various market segments. At the very top end is the $2,599 Master Collection, which includes everything. The designer-oriented Design Premium costs $1,799.

by MrMario - Comments: 2 - Views: 611
From the homepage    Android_platformGoogle’s Mobile OS Android is running on a high now with developers showing huge interest in it. It has recently hit the milestone of having 50k apps.
It took 18 months for Android to achieve this magical number, which wasachieved by Apple’s App Store in 12 months. Apple App store now boasts 190k apps.

Other Mobile Operating Systems like Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian...

by MrMario - Comments: 3 - Views: 632
From the homepage    Aku0e0Nokia announces their long awaited symbian^3 device that is said to be a flagship model that'll bring back Nokia's good name .

The last couple days I've been reviewing a lot of phones and phone OS's.
Most recent comments are really negative towards Nokia, and almost all are now bias, comparing everything to the wonderful and flawless iphone.

Nokia announced a while ago that they will be launching a brand new symbian, one that...

by Jalokim - Comments: 2 - Views: 822
From the homepage    2mcubexRumours spread fast, and after the recent email leakage, is there a possibility we will have to pay for using facebook?

There is always some truth in all rumours ... how is facebook any different from the other big fish of the internet sea? Like deviantart,Kongregate, last.fm , wordpress and many others.
All those services are paid for ... in bigger or smaller parts.

Deviantart offers VIP status for paying ... wordpress gives...

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From the homepage    HP%20Ipaq%20211Dell has been a popular computer company that we know of. But now Dell is stepping into the smartphone world. It was only matter of time for them to stepping in.
Some infomation has been leeked at Engadget....

by MrMario - Comments: 16 - Views: 1037
From the homepage    Dc38zcToday, (April 22, 2010), marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Globally, the human population celebrates this memorable event, while offering ways to make a better planet for plants, wildlife and their habitats.
Since 1970, Earth Day has been observed around the globe each spring as a day to raise environmental awareness and involve citizens and communities in creating a cleaner, healthier world.

While climate change is perhaps the greatest...

by ecosystem - Comments: 4 - Views: 538
From the homepage    IEMicrosoft will plug a hole in a built-in filter in Internet Explorer 8 that can be used to launch the very types of attacks on Web sites it was designed to help prevent, the company said on yestorday.
The company will update the IE cross-site scripting (XSS) filter in June to fix a hole that researchers warned about at the Black Hat Europe conference in Barcelona last week. The researchers showed how problems with...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 705
From the homepage    Acrobat-ReaderIn that span of time, Adobe Systems has gone from touting its technology for building Flash applications that run on the iPhone to canceling future development of that technology.
When Apple changed the terms of its iPhone 4.0 software developer kit license, it effectively blocked Adobe's move. But in his Tuesday announcement that Adobe will cease future development of the Flash-apps-on-iPhone technology,...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 470
From the homepage    Chrome10The stable build of Google Chrome has updated, introducing seven security patches to the browser. Version for Windows incorporates four high-priority security fixes and three medium-priority ones.
The high-priority fixes, introduced Tuesday, correct type confusion errors with forums, memory corruption in the V8 JavaScript engine bindings, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities on the Chrome downloads page, and HTTP request errors.

by MrMario - Comments: 3 - Views: 510
From the homepage    WindowsSoftware company's involvement emerged Monday with sponsorship of a newer effort at the World Wide Web Consortium to standardize Web-based fonts with technology called the Web Open Font Format(WOFF). It's a fresh indicator of Microsoft's serious engagement with new Web standards--and it's a big boost for designers' attempts to stretch the Web beyond just the few typefaces that today can be expected to be already installed on people's...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 522
From the homepage    ChromeThe company is in the midst of developing a Google Cloud Print system that would allow Chrome OS users to send documents from any device to their own local printers or to other shared printers. Rather than depend on local print drivers, Cloud Print would receive and manage print jobs on Google's end and send them back to a printer.
Now it's making some resources available to developers. In a Chromium Blog post Thursday, Google Group...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 607
From the homepage    OperaWindows users have been enjoying a finalized version of Carakan and the significantly faster Opera 10.50 long enough for the browser to have upgraded to version 10.51. Mac users have found themselves without a stable update from Opera 10.10. The development process is still under way, and will be having a 2nd beta here soon.

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 445
From the homepage    12705810...But at what cost? With the internet growing in functionality we search for even faster internet connection. Fast uploads, uninterrupted skype calls ...

The answer to incredibly fast internet is pretty simple. Fibre Optics.

Since I worked a bit with wires and cables , when I was employed by Polish Television, I'll take the time to explain fibre optics.

Fibre optics are a special...

by Jalokim - Comments: 6 - Views: 674
From the homepage    Kontact_contactsHere are four tips that I found on a website that will give you good feedback.

1. Ask Your Mom

I’m serious. Better yet, ask your grandma. Heck, even your plumber would be great! The reason I say this is because you must have people review your website who aren’t part of...

by MrMario - Comments: 5 - Views: 606
From the homepage    Cards11HP have recently unveiled its HP Slate which runs on Windows and has almost everything that iPad doesn’t, including the webcam.
Is it going to kill the Ipad?

No, its not.

Despite being labelled as the chamber of innovation, HP seems to have lost its charm over the technology. Some one commented in one of the blog, “HP bring back your R&D team.”

Those words were not of criticism, but were the words or...

by MrMario - Comments: 5 - Views: 414
From the homepage    12705610According to aJ.D. Power and Associates’ wireless satisfaction survey. The U.S. consumers are not only buying phones with touchscreens, but they are tending to be more satisfied with the experience than people who bought...

by MrMario - Comments: 0 - Views: 369
From the homepage    2hd5mxhApple Iphone 4,0 OS to be revealed, and what should you do with a brand new ipad if you're not quite satisfied with it?Its inadequate to take it back to the store... So check out what these guys are doing.

Iphone 4.0 ... there is word about the new OS, but wwe'll learn more in 3 days

Apple Iphone event starts April 8th. The future of the iphone will be discussed.

And now on a lighter note...


by Jalokim - Comments: 7 - Views: 591
From the homepage    Mj96jlEaster is almost here. We at Ego-One celebrate it as always ... with an Easter Egg Hunt. So prepare your baskets and ready your eyes and reflexes cos we are going to have a load of fun.

Its almost easter and we have got to get an easter egg hunt to celebrate.

THIS friday there will be an easter egg hunt.

exactly 9 eggs to find.
but here is the twist.

For each egg there is a predefined puzzle piece that...

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From the homepage    Adobe_100Guess we shouldn't known that Adobe had gone to long without another release. But we've been proved wrong. CS5 is coming to a computer near you.
Ready for the next generation of Adobe? Ar you ready for CS5? No? Yes? Well tough cookies because the world is about to move on without you. Just recently, Adobe made a nice and flashy home page to boast about the release of CS5.

Lets see here... right...

by kewlkreator - Comments: 6 - Views: 645
From the homepage    11lq4ipIts time to prevent global warming, its time to stop polluting, its time to save our planet from all the wrong we have done to it. Earth hour... 60 minutes that "heal the world"

Earth Hour is a very vital day, not only for me but for the entire world.
Its a time when people actually reflect on the damage they have done to the world. All it takes is little steps, and the age old saying "what if everyone in the world littered like you now?" starts to...

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