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Chrome beta catches up to developer's build Chrome10Google's latest update to the beta version of the Chrome browser brings it to parity with the more experimental developer's version. Google Chrome beta version 5.0.375.29 for Windows, Mac, and Linux contains multiple feature enhancements as well as the semi-regular security and bug-fixes that are common updates for its less-stable cousin.

Chrome beta catches up to developer's build Chrome_geolocation

One of the most notable new features in the beta is the inclusion of default support for Adobe Flash. This means that users will no longer need to install a separate add-on to see Web sites that require Flash to render properly. It also should improve the Chrome beta's security somewhat, as security and bug fixes for Flash will be automatically updated by Google.

The new Chrome beta includes significant improvements to the V8 Javascript rendering engine, according to Google. The company says users should see 30 percent faster performance on the V8 benchmarking tool, and 35 percent faster performance on the SunSpider benchmark. Geolocation has been activated in the new beta, even though it was just recently activated by default in the developer's build. Other HTML5-based additions include file drag-and-drop, Web socket support for better site-to-server communication, and app cache.