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Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More HP%20Ipaq%20211Dell has been a popular computer company that we know of. But now Dell is stepping into the smartphone world. It was only matter of time for them to stepping in.
Some infomation has been leeked at Engadget. Dell fans would be delighted to see the Dell mobile collection at different range.

  • Lightning is a high end Windows 7 slider phone with keyboard sliding out from the bottom and not the usual side.

    Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More 04-21-12

  • Thunder is another high end model based on android operating system.

    Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More Dell-t10

    In mid range, Dell has ‘Flash’ and ‘Smoke’ operating on android.

  • Smoke

    Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More Dell-s10

  • Flash

    Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More Dell-f10

  • Dell Tablet

    For all those who have been waiting for Dell tablet, there is a seven inch android based tablet ‘Looking Glass’ which has an optional TV tuner module. The tablet expected in November comes with 4 GM RAM and another 4 GB of flash for storage and can be extended up to 32 GB. The tablet is just a bigger version of the mini tablet ‘Streak’ with a Tegra 2 processor.

    Dell Enters The Smartphone Market with Lightning, Thunder, Flash, Smoke and More 04-21-13

good post ^_^


Nice. I don't really see a big difference between the 4 models but its great to see some new competition.
I'm not a big fan of slide down keyboards... I much prefer the typical side qwerty as opposed to new inventions.

I'll check the specs on these dudes a little later.

But if you asking me... I'm so saving up my cash for a Nokia C6

The phone looks almost identical to my 5800, but the added bonus of a 5mpx camera, 240mb internal memory , 128RAM and in general all the goodies from a N97 in a nice cheap C6.

can't wait till its released.

but sticking to smartphones... My favorite cellphone shop has just lowered the price of its N900's but a nice $90, so if I wait one extra month and work a little overtime I could have the full blown N900.

Eh I think my iPhone is serving me well enough Big Grin

But good post,


Phones are getting too complicated for me. What happened to when phones were made for just calling other people?

Sure SOME things are nice, like texting once in a while, but I think all these features are unnecessary.

If I had to choose one, it would be that Flash one, or maybe the Thunder.
The other ones, expecially the Lightning look like they have been overloaded with too many features and have no room for the keyboard/numpad, even though it looks like you can access it from a touch screen.


I really want them to team up with Sprint so that I can use a dell phone. I'm tired of having all these cool phones but they aren't with Sprint.

I am glad to see that other companies are pushing phones out. More options...

The phones look class.

Lightning looks like a Zune hd interface ha.

When are they expected to hit the market?

I couldn't find any info on that. It only says that it will hit the UK sometime this year.

If priced competitively, they will be a huge hit IMO.

I hope they will be around 100-150 bucks.

The way smart phones usually price for, I'm assuming 200-300 at the least.

If its 100-150, its pretty cheap.

If Dell wants to make the sells they would make it lower then the other companies. To me I would try to make it 50 to 100 bucks cheaper then Apple. It is going to be one heck of a ride to see what Dell has to offer with these phones.

I'm actually starting to have second thoughts... in general about smartphones.

I was reviewing these babies out on gsmarena today. I think , if I had to ... I'd go for the thunder.
Though ... I would really like to see whats all the fuss around the android os ... So I'm also thinking of maybe trying there.

I'm saving up some cash now... I plan to change my phone within 2 months...

the dells will be out december... so if I do want one I'll catch it next year.
I tend to change phones every 6 months or so.
I actually change phones as soon as the second hand value of my current phone sinks to just above the "oh its not worth selling it" level.

that way I have a new phone every 6 month paying only about $50 ,cos I sell the old one at a good price.

nonetheless ... I love the 1ghz processor on the dell... I don't know how much of that WM6.5 takes but still, its a 1ghz processor.

I think I'll stick with nokia for one more session.
Its a close fight between the C6, the N900 the N97 and the soon to be released N8 which has nokias brand new symbian^3 ... but all reviews and opinions so far say that there is nothing new in the OS... just brushed up the old symbian^1

which smartphones have android btw?

Go beyond Nokia, you will love it Jalo.

Ericsson phones are really cool

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