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Apple, whats up and whats happening? 2hd5mxhApple Iphone 4,0 OS to be revealed, and what should you do with a brand new ipad if you're not quite satisfied with it?Its inadequate to take it back to the store... So check out what these guys are doing.

Iphone 4.0 ... there is word about the new OS, but wwe'll learn more in 3 days

Apple Iphone event starts April 8th. The future of the iphone will be discussed.

And now on a lighter note...

So you've invested 400 bucks into a brand new shiny apple ipad. After turning it on and playing around with the settings, and obviously plugging it into the outlet cos the battery went flat, you start using it as a coaster for your hot drinks... the ipad didn't meet your expectations?

here are a few suggestions on how to get rid of it.

The Tom Dickins style