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Nokia N8 released | flagship or uber fail? Aku0e0Nokia announces their long awaited symbian^3 device that is said to be a flagship model that'll bring back Nokia's good name .

The last couple days I've been reviewing a lot of phones and phone OS's.
Most recent comments are really negative towards Nokia, and almost all are now bias, comparing everything to the wonderful and flawless iphone.

Nokia announced a while ago that they will be launching a brand new symbian, one that is multi touch compatible and speedy.
Symbian^3 (pronounced symbian three) directs its attention to UI and graphics acceleration. This gives a better user experiance and comfort using the device.

Symbian^3 or S^3 allows users to fully customise their phone, without needing to install new themes... Graphics acceleration gives great flowing effects that make using the device fun.

The N8 is the first device to get symbian^3

sporting a 12 megapixel , xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics camera.
A 680Mhz processor with HW graphics acceleration
Multi touch, glass , scratch resistive touch screen

and loads more.

Now coming back to those negative comments.
Many GSM websites say nothing new in Nokia stable. Symbian^3 is just a nicely polished symbian^1.

The thing that gets me the most is that Nokia has had symbian for ages ... and symbian has had its load of millions of applications and anything that your phone was missing was easily added with an app.

Yet its only when a company like Apple come around and create a phone with apps... a smartphone that can be called a PDA or mini computer that people start leaving dumbphones for their much smarter counterparts.

I have touched , used and experianced the iphone , I am not bias ... I just don't see the fuss behind it.
An HP iPAQ can, and could do exactly if not more than the iphone, years and years ago.
My current 5800 can do almost everything an iphone can... so what is the decider that makes people worship the iphone?

back ontopic.
Nokia seem to have done a good job ... they have showcased a new model with a new OS ... question remains... is Nokia catching up?
Will nokia expand the Linux based Maemo platform?
Will Nokia get in touch with intel and create the Meego system that will shatter the definition of a smartphone?

Nokia N8 released | flagship or uber fail? Ego-oneSOTW


Post on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:05 am by Frankenstein

Yeh i saw it , i made that blog to


Post on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:40 am by Jalokim

2 days in and it seems the tides are turning.

The N8 has impressed a lot of people ...
The recent HD movies and photos taken from the N8 are really incredible and it seems the OS is keeping up with the device too.

Photo comparisons show that the Carl Zeiss 12 mpx camera with xenon flash does make a difference and its pretty big. Especially night photo's.

Nokia also haven't gone over the top ecological and cheap with the materials they used for the N8. Yes it is eco friendly but they use real glass for the screen and a pretty resistive aluminium for the casing.

The touch screen is a proper capacitive type, allowing multi touch and what experts call feather touch possibilities ... basically it means you hardly have to press the screen for it to react.

The N8 sports all the gadgets of the iphone and more.
As mentioned in my article the phone is totally customisable ... just like Nokia's always were.
You can change the 3 desktops (homescreens) you have, widgets , wallpapers can be spanned over 3 homescreens or a differnet one on each, and alot of theme customising too... and the N8 comes in 5 colors.

I am eagerly watching as more and more people are accepting Nokia back in the rat race of the smartphone world. And if I must be perfectly honest ... I really like this model and I just might wait till the third quarter of this year to get it.

I'll have enough time to raise the cash... oh and BTW ... for a smartphone with all the tools and tricks and everything that an iphone has, plus that darn good 12 mega camera, and full HD support and Dolby Digital Sound, and bucket loads more , for only 370 euro (tax not included)

the iphone stands at 600 euro (tax not included)

food for thought

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