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12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Globe_by_Anti_Pati_yaGlobal Warming is a serious issue that is not getting enough awareness. We are destroying our world that we live in . There are alternatives, we can generate energy in other ways. The time has come to change and think ecologically, or your grandchildren won't know the meaning of green grass and fresh air. Confined indoors, with special breathing apparatus, projected LCD images of a perfect world, whilst outdoor toxins decay the earth more!

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Global_warming_PSA___time_by_pepey

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Fight_Global_Warming_Flyer_1_by_BlakliteGraphics
Blaklite graphics

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Global_warming_by_dgheban

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters 5aae3c468021bf9f461d3a8d7c91ccad

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters 474c91a4661b60e6


12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Greenpeace_cat1%5B4%5D

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Greenpeace_winter%5B5%5D

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters A-lowegreenpeace4ug2_0%5B4%5D

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters A-lowegreenpeace2wh9_0%5B4%5D


12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Stop_global_warming_big3%5B4%5D

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Stop-global-warming_3%5B4%5D

12 Global Warming Awareness Posters Stop-global-warming%5B6%5D

Now think about that paper that you almost scored into the bin, but never got to throwing it inside the bin. And what about that light in the kitchen? no-one is in that room currently


Post on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:49 am by Jason

Love the lighter burning the world by dreamorphosis. Great symbolism.


Post on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:53 am by Jalokim


My favorites are the pepej ones, and the greenpeace tree one.

But the image that has the biggest impact on me, is the greenpeace, bottles one.

great photomanip and the text is strong


Post on Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:03 am by MrMario

All of these do make me think little more of helping the world. I don't always do what right when throwing trash away but I will always try my best to help.


Post on Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:17 pm by karkooshy

The peypey one is awesome Smile

even though I'm still not into the whole global warming thing xP
but thats just my opinion Big Grin

lol I'm so stupid Razz
when I first saw the tree I thought it was a nuclear explosion xD
but when I looked a lil closer...
hehe... I was like wth xP

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