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CSS3 Progress following the W3C TPAC 2009 3f87b13cThe annual W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee (TPAC) meetings week took place last month bringing together the CSS Working Group, amongst others, for a series of face to face meetings in Santa Clara, California. Minutes from the meeting have now been made available online and promise progress for a number of CSS3 modules including CSS3 Selectors, Multicolumn Layout, Transitions, Transforms and Animations.

CSS3 Selectors

The CSS3 Selectors module is one of the CSS working groups highest priorities and itís almost ten years since the first working draft was published in April 2000. Following a lengthy discussion the CSS Working Group resolved to advance the CSS3 Selectors module to Proposed Recommendation. You can read the full minutes of this discussion here.

CSS3 Multicolumn Layout

The CSS3 Multicolumn Layout module reached last call in June 2009 and with all comments seemingly addressed the CSS Working Group resolved to advance the module to Candidate Recommendation. You can read the full minutes of this discussion here.

CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animations

A lengthy discussion took place around the modules of CSS3 Transitions, CSS3 2D Transforms, CSS3 3D Transforms and CSS3 Animations with members of the working group expressing an interest in advancing development of these modules as a matter of priority. The discussion concluded with the expectation of forthcoming updated working drafts for all modules, followed by last call for Transitions and possibly 2D Transforms, with an acknowledgement that both 3D Transforms and Animations still need more work. You can read the full minutes of this discussion here.

Updated working drafts were published on December 1st 2009 for CSS3 Transitions and CSS3 2D Transforms.

Other Notable Discussions

In addition to the above mentioned modules, discussions also took place around many other modules including CSS3 Color, which the Working Group has since resolved to advance to Candidate Recommendation, Flexible Box Layout, Grid Positioning and more. You can read the full minutes from the CSS Working Groupís meeting here.

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Post†on Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:51 am by†Jason

CSS3 is getting there progress can mean only mean one thing = PROGRESS lols and it cant come fast enough.

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