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Picking The Right Font Size For The Job 93c00e58Designer speed most of their time figuring out what font/size they want for their site.

In order to help understand the importance of font, ask yourself, “What differences are there between the font and text of professional designs as opposed to low quality work”? Size

Is a direct variation to attention. As a rule of thumb, body text should never be over 16 pixels. Now, this may not be the case 100% of the time, but who wants to have to scroll 3 or 4 times to read a small paragraph?


Size relates to importance in the web design world. The title or header may range anywhere from 20 pixels to generally 28 pixels. This is an appropriate size for the title because it is noticeable, yet not overly distracting or taking away from the overall view. Keep font categories the same. What I mean by this is, don’t have one paragraph with a size of 14 pixels, while another is 12 pixels. Decide on a font size that will stay with it all the way.


Have always been linked to emotions. The color of text on a website can register many feelings within our bodies. For example, certain colors release calming chemicals.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Large amounts of black indicate authority and power, and even evil. On the opposite spectrum, white is synonymous with purity, safety and neutrality. Often associated with death, taxes or depression,

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Gray may sway your visitors to feel nothing.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Red is attention grabbing and makes a loud impression; therefore use in moderation is necessary.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Blue is the most popular favorite color. Loyalty and respect are found to have blue associated with them (like uniforms). All physical activities are said to be superior in blue conditions.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Green wealth, superiority and nature.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Shades of light greens are used in hospitals as ways of calming their patents.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Yellow Happiness, sanguinity and good times.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Orange is unlike any other color, the most ostentatious or showy. It has traits linked to ambition and a new attitude.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Majestic, royal, rich are examples of purple’s power. Used often to create a feeling of mystery. Overused though, and purple causes an artificial affect.

Picking The Right Font Size For The Job Flache10 Brown is associated with the earth, stability and harvest. Also, brown should be used moderately.

As you can see, mere colors can affect a user’s experience before they even read your site.


All websites should use typefaces that are practical, easy to read and simple. No one wants to read some impact or space typeface on a professional page. One of the most popular typefaces in web design right now is Arial. Why? Arial is a sans-serif typeface that’s easy to read, has great proportions, and looks great when used with proper vertical spacing. Bold, italic and oblique typefaces draw attention to important information. Normally links or hyperlinks are easy to find because they are underlined and/or colored differently than the rest of the content.

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Post on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:27 am by Jason

Mario love the post, what does pink mean? I went through a pink phase not long ago ask Jalokim I went pink mad gladly that phase didn’t last long, ill have to start posting in white lols change my rep : ) People might find it hard to read though Cool


Post on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:30 am by Jalokim

laugh all you want but pink on a dark surface is glorious.


Post on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:36 am by Jason

Yeah I tried using that line but pink is still just a girls colour to most people it seems even though it didn’t become a girls colour till the 1800s : ( Pink with white in small doses is very nice in type also..


Post on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:40 am by MrMario

Last time I checked pink means love. I have some shirts that are pink don't wear them that much but its a change then other colors. I don't care what others think anymore since its my life and the life I want to live. Thank for the feedback on the content. I am trying to do more then post news of whats going. Get more helpful tips on how to make a better forum/site. I am always open for suggestions of what you want to see. If anyone finds a great site that has graphic related info by all means send me the link via pm and I will check it out. Smile


**Heads out for shopping at 3:15am** Yes I am crazy

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