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Microsoft Announces CSS3 Support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Cd5e4fadMicrosoft today offered developers an early glimpse of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) at their 2009 Professional Developers Conference.

Although only at an early stage of development, the IE9 team already looks to have made some impressive leaps forward in terms of web standards support, particularly with regard to CSS3 selectors which, by the looks of the image below (taken from the IE blog), IE9 appears to score an impressive 574 out of 578 in our CSS3 selectors test

A vast improvement over IE8 which scored only 330/578.

Microsoft Announces CSS3 Support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Ie9

CSS3 Selectors Test Results (courtesy of blogs.mdsn.com)

CSS3 Selectors Test Results (courtesy of blogs.mdsn.com)

IE9 also looks set to boast support for CSS3 border-radius, an improved scoring in the Acid 3 test (if only slightly) and support for HTML5. You can read the full announcement on the IE blog here and we’ll bring you further announcements on the subject as more information becomes available.

Info Found at CSS3

Guest posting activated

I have been working on a mostly CSS3 based web design ( 0 images ) & the differential between IE8 and other browsers is vast this “leap forward” is already way over due the other browsers are leading the way. CSS3 is the future of web design for IE to remain relevant it needs to be able to compete successfully with other browsers so far its acting more like dial up compared to broadband in the CSS3 compatibility race.

IE9 Will be a welcome development but IE development schedule is way to slow.

Really can't believe that MS is just getting their browser to support CSS3 and other coding. I wouldn't be surprised if they fail again with getting their browser to work fully with CSS3. What MS should do (if they are smart) like this will ever happen is hire some of the Firefox people to help them get their browser working. I had to ask my programming teacher one day please allow me to download Firefox cause IE sucks and I can't do my codding. He just installed it about a month ago but downloaded the wrong version 3.0 just a little under 5.5 versions old. lol

Firefox is the grand daddy of development cycles and are increasingly speeding those cycles up. IE use the argument of longer dev cycles = better results but are always lagging behind because by the time they release a full upgrade the market as moved on.

I would like to see IE focus more on key improvements and getting css3 support in shorter dev cycles major improvements can be run along side those projects for full upgrade versions. The market leader is behind the in the game and its letting every one down


Post on Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:23 pm by ankillien

Oh! Finally IE ties to improve itself Razz

It would be great to see CSS3 supported IE...lol

I'm about to show the power of CSS3 to the medicre members on forumotion.

I'm almost done building a theme, 100% css3 ... not count topic icons and so on... I used 1 image!

1 image

the design is awesome... and the navigation effects are amazing and css based.

Only problem IE9 in “early development” I think its sad how the most dominant player in browsers can get it so wrong and be so way behind in the game.

Jalokim wrote:I'm about to show the power of CSS3 to the medicre members on forumotion.

I'm almost done building a theme, 100% css3 ... not count topic icons and so on... I used 1 image!

1 image

the design is awesome... and the navigation effects are amazing and css based.


Can't wait to see that Jalo Razz

I guess the 1 image you used is the body background :roll:

Can you make CSS3 3D effects? I've seen a couple of CSS3-3D examples on net.

Doctor Inferno

Post on Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:27 pm by Doctor Inferno

IE9 is also going to be HTML 5 compatible. According to Microsoft, web page screw ups will be fixed in IE9.

Finally IE got smarter.
This would make it way easier for the people who are used to IE to see the better side of websites xD.

I've been using CSS3 since Jalo told me about it and i cant live without it. I use it in every CSS stylesheet i create.
IE would be doing a great job by making IE9 CSS3 compatitable.

But as Jalo mentoined before, IE developes pretty slow.


Post on Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:04 am by karkooshy

by the time IE 9 comes out CSS4 woulda come out Razz
sorry any IE fans... (if there are any) but someone had to say that xP

I must admit to being a IE fan for a very long time FF was a fox on fire.. Opera was going to the opera ( YUK! ) and well Safari was shooting lions in Africa.. I still used IE up to 6 months ago as my personal browser. Most dominate in my life at the moment is chrome its got the right balance. Till Microsoft is less dominate it wont take its position seriously.

well if you are an internet based computer user google chrome and google chromium OS is your future.

i knwo I'll be trying out googles OS...
if they do what they say it can do then it'll be the perfect tool for me

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