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Opera Mini 5, Opera Mobile 10 graduate to stable Opera10Opera Software has released the final versions of their latest beta Web browsers in time for the CTIA cell phone conference in late March. Opera released it early then some users where expecting. Today Opera turned its Mini 5 beta 2 and Mobile 10 beta into the company's latest stable versions of its mobile Web browsers. If you followed Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 hew closely to the beta versions. They don't receive any new features, though there are some fixed bugs and the app now supports more than 100 languages.
If you're new to browsing with Opera software, Opera Mini's proxy browser works on phones running Java, including BlackBerry. However, Opera Mini 5 remains in beta for Android and Windows Mobile phones. The company's standalone Web browser, Opera Mobile, works on Symbian Series 60 phones and Windows Mobile phones.

The change from yesterday's stable Opera Mini 4.2 to today's Opera Mini 5 is dramatic, and centers on a cleaner, updated interface governed by Opera's speed dial thumbnails, faster browsing speeds, and more advanced features such as support for tabbed browsing and a password manager (see our initial hands-on look for more detail). Opera Mobile 10 looks nearly identical to the earlier Opera Mobile 9.6. Since it already had tabs and a password manager, the interface and performance changes are its claim to fame. While some features, like the bookmark-syncing Opera Link, were temporarily unavailable during the first beta rounds, but now they're back in the final version.

Stay tuned for a video update of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10. In the meantime, here's an oven-fresh hands-on look at Opera Mini 5 beta for Android, which is nearly identical to the Mini and Mobile versions being released today.

You can watch the video about it here.


You can download it by going to m.opera.com on your phone.

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Post on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:03 pm by Jalokim

I downloaded it yesterday and they haven't fixed much from the beta.

They added the speedial, downloads and find in page tabs to the slide up menu.
other than that nothing great.

There is still no improvement on image quality. All other opera mini's had the settings to change image quality (high | med | low)
the high quality pics where awesome and looked like on a proper PC. the low setting created these pixelated images... almost like changing an image from 32 bits to 16 ... less colors and so on.

And the default and unchangeable setting on the new browser is low. Images look crap and that is a big downfall. scrolling is impressive. horizontal and vertical kinetic scrolling. Also I like the improvement to the downloads. You can save any file type, whether its compatible with your mobile or not. Earlier operas couldn't save unidentified files.

All in all 5/10
If they improve the image quality I'm change the rating to 8/10
I'm sticking to my old opera v4.2

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